another happy new mini 2 drone pilot

Hello, I’m Jake from Maine. I got my mini 2 last fall and it’s super easy to fly which does not mean it is easy to fly in all the ways it is capable of while the camera for example slowly pans the surrounding. I was absolutely impressed with all the mini 2’s capabilities and was about to give it 5 stars plus a starlet on top when to my horror I found out that it is just absolutely dismal as a submarine.
I’m very glad to my drone is now back from repair. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Well that’s how we learn. Now you know submarine is out. Another safer way is to read more

TomAir, I did read everything I could get my hands on, and nowhere it says ‘don’t use as a submarine.’ :joy:

LOL :joy::joy:

I am sorry to be contrary, but the Mini 2 User’s Manual does say that…

Page 39, Flight Environment Requirements, Paragraph 3… Extract Below…

While researching this, I was amazed to find out that my GPS may not work properly when I’m flying over the North or South Poles… (para 6…).

If you do not have the Mini 2 User’s Manual… Here is the link to download it…

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Thank you LoudThunder, the link is helpful, but I can find the word submarine nowhere in your quote. It talks about wind, and rain, and open areas but no submarines anywhere. :rofl:

Thanks for that, I haven’t had a paper copy with my Mini 2 and if it’s via a QR code it would have been difficult to download it as I fly my drone with a tablet (Lenovo M10) but this download is superb! Thank you again, Loud Thunder. It’s too windy here in the UK atm, so I’m just familiarising myself with the various settings indoors as I haven’t flown since last Summer, so it’ll be like the first time again!

I fly mine indoors. I have propeller guards which are very helpful. Not only are propellers protected from breaking, but the guards also let you bump on items or walls without crashing the drone. Therefore it’s excellent training for fine motion control. And I try controlling the drone only by looking at the screen. I’m a forester and eventually want to fly the drone in between trees.

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Ok, you’ve got me there, it does not specifically mention “submarine” but it did mention “keep the aircraft at least 3 m above water…” If you want one for both uses, you’ll need the “Mighty Mini 1000” due out some time in the “Imaginary Future…”

Safe Flying and Stay Dry…


Yes, LoudThunder, the Mighty Mini 1000 that is what I need :slight_smile: