Android Tablet for Phantom 3 Pro suggestion query

Hi all. Total newby here with a Phantom 3 Pro which flies, but only a little, as DJI Go App needed. I have neither smart phone (no mobile/cellnet cover here) nor tablet (hate 'em - but no choice now!). So am looking for a second-hand Android tablet. Could really REALLY do with some advice as to which tablet model(s) to look for and/or not go near. Would like to avoid Apple.
Thanks loads and kind regards from the Hills of Yorkshire (UK) where it may have stopped raining. Woopee!

I keep a list of supported and other commonly used Android devices here:

Best Tablets and Phones for DJI GO (Updated Daily)

It would be best to go with a device that has good specs and lots of votes – which shows a lot of people are using the device. About half way down that page, you’ll find a list of the top voted Android devices over the past 3 months.

I have tried several tablets since I started this hobby, couldn’t justify the price of an Apple product just for a hobby so have now settled on a NVIDIA SHIELD K1. It is brilliant, got it for just over £100 and it works a treat. Very bright, clear screen and big enough for my 80yo eyes! It also has Avery good battery life, I’ve only charged it twice in a couple of months of flying!
You will also notice it has a lot of “likes” in the list msinger posted!!

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I have used a Tesco Hudl2, it works but from memory wasn’t great, I haven’t used it that much because I started using my Samsung Galaxy s5 and with a USB 3 cable (with the siamesed double male end ) it’s great, though a bigger screen would be nice. I can try the hudl2 again if you would like or a hudl1 for that matter if I can find it?
I have just got a drone that was supplied with an Asus Nexus 7 tablet which seems fine so far.
I have also tried a Samsung Note 4 and though it works it seems a bit prone to the App freezing though I must say the Note 4’s USB connector is on the way out so that may be the cause of the freezes.
Batteries may be a problem for the S5 and note 4, both of mine are feeling their age and getting genuine Samsung replacements seems fraught with the risk of fakes

Thanks loads for the info - very helpful (and sorry for my slow response). I’m still struggling with this issue and not making much headway - lack of time mostly.
Thanks again, Regards, Schick

Hello. Thanks for the info - sounds like EXCACTLY what I’m looking for. Thanks loads. (All I gotta do now is follow up!) Sorry for my slow response. Regards - Schick
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Hey schickie, have you got yourself up and flying yet?

Thanks for taking the trouble to write.
Unfortunately no. Got bugger-all done. Had to pack machine away - too many other things going on.
Have just put NVIDIA SHIELD K1 into google search … Hmmm, we’ll see if I get anywhere before either the Russians invade or Alzheimer strikes. :grinning:
PS - Did you mention 80 yo eyes … or was that a typo? :slight_smile:

Hi Schick, yep, 81 actually! I got my Nvidia from Ebay for around £90 I think it was, excellent little tablet and just right for flying.

You sound as though you’re near Russia, your name sounds German’ish?

Any way, hope you enjoy the flying once you’ve got time, I certainly do but them I’ve been building model planes and flying them since I was 10!!


Hiya Cheddar - just got off ebay. NVIDIA SHIELD K1 … £ 99. Hope it works.

You have me beat by 7 - turned 74 this year.

You’re spot-on re German’ish (Ludwig Anton Schicketanz - hahaha - not gonna pass for Italian) but you might be slightly closer to Russia than me. Western edge of the Dales (~30 klicks from Lancaster, bit over 1100 feet up in the hills, lotsa rain, lotsa windswept pastures, crap flying weather, no mobile coverage but great for Mollie (English Springer Spaniel)…and I rather like it also. 32 years now.

I’m ok with PC’s but positively hate laptops, tablets, mobiles (extremely clumsy - fat finger syndrome) … so this will be an interesting experience. The Phantom was a present from partner Ursula - who is only half-German.

Regards - Schick
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Which half :sob: (sorry!).
Never been to the Dales other than by the telly, but looks b beautiful. I’m down in rural Devon, near Exmoor which is also a very pretty part of the UK.
Like you, have dog,. little yellow Lab called Mella. Walk probably 8-10Km/day so keeping fit!
You’ll find the Nvidia pretty easy to use, first tablet I’ve ever owned but do have a laptop.
I think everybody has lotsa rain at the moment, we certainly have. The river, about 200mtr. away is up more than a meter.

Hah - have just discovered that mousing over the doggie pic, your name pops up. Mella is a puppy? (How else does one get a “little” Lab?)
8-10 km per day? Whew. In theory I can manage 2-3 … As long as it’s reasonably level and I can have a few short stops. (Emphysema - and “theory” because I’m lazy.)
Eagerly awaiting tablet! In the mean time struggling with PC problems.

Mella is almost 6 now!

Need any help with the Nvidia let me know!

Hello - and very VERY sorry for a 6 month late reply. Haven’t been on the forum much but nevertheless, can’t imagine how I missed your reply.
Since my initial query I bought (ebay) an Nvidia Shield K1 … a few months ago, but have not yet so much as downloaded the necessary app. Just no time - too many projects / interests / hobbies - plus an old farmhouse to maintain.
But thank you very much for replying.
Regards - Schick
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Happy New Year Schick, hope you Ursula and the dog have good one.

Any flying yet (I’ll bet no​:rofl::grin:)

Haha - you might be ROFLing for a while yet. Have barely touched the tablet - much less anything else.

And a happy New Year to you too !!

Regards - Schick