Hi Everyone, I am a new P4 plus owner and need to know which android display device to purchase, please. Many thanks.

Sorry to pick on you but your request is like, “Hi Everyone, I just got my driver’s license, which car should I buy?” You need to give us a hint as to your requirements. Cost, versatility (use for everything, or restricted only for the use by the drone), ultimate use of your drone (pleasure flying or business use). See what I mean?

I use the Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2 (8" screen) and I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet A8 (10" screen), it all depends on how I feel, the S2 has a brighter screen and more pixels for visibility and clarity. The A8 is heavier but the image is larger. Like I said, it all depends on my needs and how I feel… Check out this link…

You’re absolutely right, only wish it was a RPL and not a driver’s licence.
I am looking to use the P4 pro to do photogrammetric mapping of farms and smaller land parcels.
I have watched many videos and the common thread as far as hardware goes seems to be the galaxy tab s2 as a display device, so I guess I need to look at that. As a veteran surveyor ( terrestrially ) I just want to have the right kit for this application, so the basic need is to have RAM enough to upload offline maps I am told, then to have on board storage for the files too - will the galaxy tab s2 have adequate resources for this application do you think? Many thanks

Regretfully, I would not recommend the S2 for your application. It comes with 3GB Ram and 32 BG Storage, my A8 comes with 4GB Ram and 64 BG Stroage and a faster processor. I cannot process 4K video on my S2 using the DJI Fly App video editor, but it works fine on my A8.

I bought my A8 from Costco for $220 when they were running a special, it normally lists from $260 to $300. Of course you can get better deals on eBay, both now and used, perhaps even CraigsList.

As much as I avoid IOS (Apple because I think it’s overpriced), it seems to work much easier with most DJI Apps. And there is no complaining about IOS Graphics.

Now, if it’s a business expense, you should get something that you will not regret. As they say, “Go Big, or Stay at Home…”

Good Luck. Finally, have you researched other web sites? I’m LoudTHunder there also…

Good Luck!