Android Compability ?[Solved]


I am having trouble gettin my cell phone to stay connected to the aircraft and the R/C. I have a new spark, I can get it to fly with the R/C. But I have only had it connected via android phone once and it did show me it was hooked. I shut it all down came back to it in the morning and nothing again. I do run a

C6 BLU Phone. Updated to android 8.1.0 also.

I chatted with DroneNerds suggesting my phone may not be compatible per their words. They refereed me to this link compability

Sometimes the phone will link with the aircraft and R/C meaning the wi-fi and sometimes not. Any suggestions before I go on a hunt for a samsung4 possibly

That phone has pretty poor specs, but you might be able to get it to run with the tips in this guide:

Install DJI GO on an Android Tablet or Phone (Step-by-Step Guide)

If that does not resolve your issue, then consider purchasing one of the mobile devices from this list. The devices with better specs and more votes will probably work better.

I have a Samsung Tablet which is stuck to Kitkat 4.12. I know this is far from your problem, but hear me out and people do not throw stones at me just yet.

I was about to throw a perfectly good tablet out the windows because I could not run DJI Go on it…days of research to get the tablet updated etc etc…I gave up…

And the thought…what if I tried an earlier version of DJI Go…what would I loose and would it work ???

Bingo…problem solve and as far as I can see it does what it is suppose to do …allows me to fly my Spark with my Kitkat Tablet…

Hence may be you could try an earlier version of DJI Go that will work with your phone but not be as demanding on it as the newer version of DJi GO…
Food for thoughts and a link…

Toxie, tks for that input. I think I will try the apk you suggested via link and just see what happens. I have nothing to loose that way. If not go to ebay and buy a unlocked used android that is compatible with the software suggested via dronenerds.
Best to ya

Toxie, Thanks for saving me $$. Buying another phone is a not for me just for the drone. I pulled out a old phone I retired that one back a year ago. I bought this BLU. But apparently the former phone must be compatible with the link you provided me. All I can throw in is it is a
"android 5.1
Kernel 3.10.72

I Have never go this close with the DJI 4 app till now. I was able to activate. Weather is kinda crappy here today so a issue current getting a good signal to the satellites today. But as I said this old phone will work.

I would like to update the thread I started. On the original phone I inquired on the BLU C6


as for compatibility I was able to get it to connect with the current DJI 4-Go app from the google play store.

Activated and flying. As for the Older Phone I was going to use with the .apk file Toxie spoke of it hooked and worked also. I am not sure which phone for sure on that phone. I bought it from eBay used and had it set up for android cell service under a BYOP plan. They listed it as a Levano K1 My biggest Issue was mostly my fault I believe now for I was in a “Strong Magnetic Field” For I have a metal Steel roof.