Altitude Zone (inaccurate per Geo Map?)

I’m a Newbie MM owner, so please forgive any redundancy if I’ve posted this topic in error or in an incorrect area of the DH Forum.

The DJI Fly app is indicating my home - and most of the parks and undeveloped farmland in the surrounding area - are located in an Altitude Zone, but DJI’s Geo Map indicates these areas are over 2.0miles due north of the West-East boundary of the nearest Restricted Zone. The map does not indicate close proximity to an Altitude Zone, Authorization Zone or Warning Zone. See attached screenshot for reference.

Not certain if I have any options; everything I’ve read so far indicates AZ designators are permanent and are ineligible for temp flight authorizations using KittyHawk or AirMap. Hopeful I’m not stuck with 100’ altitude while practicing near my home for an upcoming trip to the San Juan National Forest in CO. Thanks in advance for any assistance.