Aircraft encoder error

solution please.

What are you flying?

Is this a brand new drone right out of the box? If not, fill us in on everything we need to know.

I have seen this message only one time when attempting to activate a new old stock mavic pro.
A power down of the aircraft and reboot along with reconnecting to the internet solved the issue.
Worth a try?

Yes I have already tried several times. I did all the updates too, I recalibrated. But I still had no solution. In addition the camera does not display the live image on my phone.

It’s phantom 4 dji drone. It is a drone that I paid for on occasion it worked very well. The camera image also does not appear on my phone.

What did you do between the time all last worked and these problems started?

Did you crash? Attempt to update the firmware? Etc.

Yes I broke down. Now it’s fixed the problem of updating the phantom 4 dji but only that the image is not displayed yet and I have an aircraft encoder error 0x800008. The camera image is not displayed on the screen. And I have an error message (aircraft encoder error 0x800008) what should I do.

When you say “I broke down”, what does that mean?

In fact I said that I am down ie the drone does not work well

hello please can you help me repair it. its still not working. I failed to fix it. the problem is that I have no more image transmission and I have this error displayed. Encoder aircraft error (0x000008). Please, what can I do now.

the problem started when updating the firmware i did the update when suddenly nothing works and this encoder error problem appeared and the firmware version was for that I bought a motherboard 3 in 1 for the drone and the update to work this time. but the problem of image transmission and error of the aircraft encoder still persists