After firmware update still asking for "camera update".

Gents and lady’s,

after the firmware update for my drone the “Overall Status” is still asking for the update of the camera.

Does anyone know how to update the camera??? there arent any updates for the camera availeble…

greetz Bas

What’s the exact message displayed in the overall status area?

The excact message is:
“ camera update required. See firmware upgrade tutorial video’s in academie for details”

Greets bas

The camera is updated along with the rest of the components of the drone. So, this message is likely being displayed in error.

Here are a few things to try:

  • Format the memory card in the Phantom.

  • If your mobile device is disconnected from the Internet, connect it to the Internet and start DJI GO to see if the message still appears.

  • Reinstall DJI GO and/or upgrade to the current version.

Ah, I just did an update from 1.3.20+ to 1.4.10+ and when I turned everything back on I got the same message. However, I just re formatted the SD card via the RC and all was well!