Advice on drying out camera!

I had a return to home incident and to cut a long story short, the drone over shot the Home point by 80m. It took me two weeks to locate as I was concentrating on the ground in front of me? I live in a mountainous area. It has rained during the two week it took to locate and there is moisture inside the camera lens. looking for info on how to open back of camera? I have the screws out but cannot get it to budge?
Thanks in advance.

Managed to open the cover, used some electrical tape doubled over to stick to cover and get some purchase on it.
Now to remove the circuit board that has two screws locking it down?

It’s not screwed down. In the video below, you can see it’s attached with double-sided tape.

Managed to un-screw it all and dismantle!
My next question is this: Is the glass on the lens separate from the lens or is it part of it? On the video it seems to be a separate piece held onto the lens with a strong rubber band?

Did you first unscrew the UV filter on the front of the lens… the plain glass filter. I had a similar situation except I live in a rainforest and it “came a cropper” one late night… was out for 4 nights before we recovered it… took the filter off and dried the “condensation” “dew” or whatever and she is good to go… only problem I had was a wobble at the end of a yaw to the right…