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Additional Controller for Phantom 4 Pro Plus?

I’m new to the DJI ecosystem. I bought a Phantom 4 Pro Plus Obsidian, which I am quite happy with. But I am wondering, would there be any significant advantages to picking up another NON-Plus controller? If I am understanding the differences, I could use it with an iPad, giving me a larger control and viewing screen, and there are apparently a number of independent apps that would run on an iPad or iPhone that are not available on the Pro Plus built-on controller screen? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

These are really the main benefits of not using the plus remote controller. Do you need a larger screen? Do you need to use apps that cannot be installed on the plus remote controller? Those are questions only you can answer.

Everything you said is true. I use an iPad mini 4 or an iPad Air both with sun shields. They work fine.