Add Country, Cityname

GPS Data should be easily calculated for Country/City which would help to keep overview in the list

Right click the headers in the main Flight Reader window and click “Customize Columns…”:


Then, add "Location" to the "Selected Columns" list:

oh wow … I had now idea… Thx … <
Is it invisible because I’m using the trial license ?

There is only one version of Flight Reader. You should be able to access the above feature even when using a trial license.

nope … not visible … I fear that this information is NOT inside the Logs Data … since it is missing on my view - I assume that DJI Mini 3 and 4 Pro do not record the location … only GPS Position …

If you can see the column and the location is empty, then try reprocessing your flight log. To do so, right click that flight in the main Flight Reader window and choose “Reprocess Flight Log”.

Or if that doesn’t help, please explain what you mean by it’s “not visible”.

Yes, it is missing. However, Flight Reader retrieves the location name from mapbox when the flight log is processed.

Thx for support . but still : no Location visible :

even that I can see the Location and correct flight route on the Map

Hamburg :

Thanks for the screenshot!

Select “Location” in the “Available Columns” list and click the right arrow button to add that column to your “Selected Columns” list.

:rofl: I’m such a noob … I only concentrated on the right side ! … now I got it . .sorry that I wasted your time - but thx for being patient … :wink: Case solved :slight_smile:

No problem at all! Happy to hear it’s working now :slightly_smiling_face: