Activation Question

I tried to fly my new Mavic Pro for the first time yesterday. I had to work my way through several “prompts” on my tablet screen running the DJI GO 4 app. I came to a screen: “Confirm Your Account Information” that wants to confirm my email address…then hit the blue bar at the bottom that reads “Activate”. That took me to another screen titled “Activate” that reads: “Your account has been linked. Connect the aircraft to activate it.” Then I hit the “OK” response on that screen and nothing happens, it would only send me back to the previous screen to confirm my email address. I could not get out of that loop. The RC was on and the tablet connected to it, the AC was happily sitting on the ground with it’s green status lights blinking “Ready to Go”. I was next to my house and should have had a strong Wi-Fi signal if needed. What am I missing here? And what exactly does “Connect the aircraft to activate it” mean?

You need to activate the drone in DJI GO before you can fly it. Do you have any other mobile devices that can run DJI GO? If so, try activating the drone from one of those other devices.

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Bingo. I attached my smart phone to the controller and easily walked through the activation process the first time. I wonder what the difference was between the smart phone and tablet? I did everything in the same location. It appears that the micro USB port on the left side of the controller (for use with smart phones) is interchangeable with the full size USB port in the center back below the screen (for use with tablets)…is that correct? Thanks msinger for your help. I guess I’m ready to fly…and a lot to learn.

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I’m not sure. I just know the activation sometimes fails on certain mobile devices.