Accessing TXT Log Files

Newby Drone Owner here, trying to troubleshoot a Phantom 3 Pro and why the motors won’t spin up after a crash that damaged the lower housing and a motor. Replaced both and now the drone turns on and connects, but gives an ESC error. Trying to identify if the ESC board is shot or if its something else. I can get the DAT log files out of the drone, and converted to CSV, but that’s not helping me. (And I can’t recall which converter worked. I can’t get DatCon to run due to a Java error.) I can see people getting TXT files out, but not sure how they are doing it. Any help is appreciated!


Follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

FWIW, the TXT flight log probably won’t help you troubleshoot this issue.

Thanks msinger. I looked at that page but apparently didn’t read it close enough. Can you expound on why the txt flilght log won’t help? Any threads or suggestions on troubleshooting?

you might find this helpful

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They contain much less data than the DAT flight logs. They are generally used to get data from a flight (height, speed, coordinates, etc.) or track down lost drones.

Thanks Bud. that looks intense, but very helpful. My time is limited this week, but hopefully this weekend I’ll dive into it.

Got it. thanks msinger for clarifying. I’m new to this!

I finally got DatCon to run and viewed the log files It looks like motor 3 is my issue, the same one that I replaced. The previous motor broke free from the housing and spun around the wires, until the wires almost sheared themselves, likely shorting something out as the copper form the three was exposed and likely touching each other. I don’t trust my soldering so I cut the wires shorter and connected the new wires to the remaining leads with small wire nuts. Could that be the problem? I could take it to an electronics repair shop and have the connections soldered, but that doesn’t seem like it’d be the problem. I don’t see any obvious issues on the ESC board but can’t chase down and test/replace the various components. I’m thinking it’s time to take it into a professional? Unless there’s someone out there with another idea? Thanks in advance…

Some pictures of the motor/ESC cabling might help? If you’ve turned on the motors with some of the cables shorting you could well have damaged the ESC or even further back.
Soldering is the only way to go with the cables. There are some quite high currents in those circuits and and loose joints could generate heat/fire!!