Accessing Flight Logs and Data

I’m a Mavic Air and Mavic 2 Pro certified pilot flying since 1997 (CORRECTION: That’s since 2017!). So far I have gone through 3 Mavic Air aircraft and 2 Mavic 2 Pro Aircraft. I have also gone through about a half dozen iPhone/iPad/DJI Smart Controller(s), some of which I no longer own.

My goal is to access my complete flight history. Everything has been sync’d to DJI’s cloud storage. I know that I can access via a controller all flights performed with that controller, but what about data from controllers I no longer have?!?

How easy it would be to access all of my records on DJI’s cloud server. I understand that some of that data is encrypted. I’m not sure why!?!

Can someone please explain to me how and where I can access my complete set of flight records?

Thanks in advance, and

Best Regards,

Bill Taylor
Gambrills, MD

Have you tried sync in Go 4? I still see flight data from my prior drones if I access all. If I’m following you right then it downloads into flight data you can upload? If I’m wrong maybe try asking MavicPilots too.