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Absolute Timestamp with Milliseconds

I need to correlate other device logs having YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.mmm timestamps with the latitude and longitude collected from the drone. In other words I need to know for each latitude/longutide measurement, at what time down to the millisecond that the lat/lon was recorded.

In the current logs I see “CUSTOM.updateTime [local]” that looks rounded to the second, “OSD.flyTime” that is 10th’s of a second since drone startup, and " OSD.flyTime [s]" which is the same as “OSD.flyTime” but is just in seconds since drone startup.

Is there any way to just get the lat/lon of the drone with absolute timestamp and millisecond accuracy?

The “CUSTOM.updateTime” fields are formatted as “h:mm:ss.f”. It sounds like you need an additional field option to show “h:mm:ss.fff” instead (with the extra precision for milliseconds).

Would adding that give you what you need?