Ability to export flight logs by pilot

We have multiple pilot’s using the same drone.

With that ability to add the pilot to a flight record, it would be very helpful to then have the ability to export the logs specific to individual pilots.

It would also be helpful (for data consistency) if any previously used pilot names were able to be selected when adding pilots to the flight details.

Selecting a pilot from the “Pilot” dropdown at the top of the main Flight Reader window will filter the displayed logs by that pilot. And then you can select the logs to export, right click them, and choose “Export” → “Flight Log” to export those selected logs.

Agreed. I’ll add this in an upcoming release.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do I then open those exported flight logs, as they don’t appear to be in a format that can be read by Excel?

That’s awesome, thanks Mike.
One thing we do need to track is the amount of time each pilot spends flying in each mode (P-GPS, ATTI etc) - so if that can be accounted for would be fantastic.

That will export the TXT flight logs (which are encrypted). If you need the CSV files Flight Reader created instead, then select “Export” → “Aircraft CSV”.

And if you’re looking for a summary of flight information for a pilot, you can right click any log for that pilot and choose “Reports” → “Generate Pilot CSV Report”.

That data is not currently tallied anywhere within Flight Reader, so it would take a bit of work to implement such a feature. In the meantime, you could export the Aircraft CSV files and find those totals in Excel.

The feature to remember pilot names was added in Flight Reader 1.5.11.