6th replacement P4P+

I have had 3 P4P+ develop esc status errors, one was like that out of the box, and I am onto my 3rd P4P+ obsidian now, 1 with esc status error again and one with a seized motor. I now have my 6th replacement which is losing gps signal and going into atti mode all the time. None of the others did this in the same area. Flight logs seem to show all sorts of issues, also that my RTH will go through a no fly zone when Im a km away. Im at a loss as to why, FB forums seem to think I have had bad luck, but I see alot of similar issues when searching. Anyone want to check my flight logs?
Im at the point where Im about to give up and get a refund this time.

P4P+ has been cursed since its inception. DJI’s Android programmers can’t seem to get it together, even when programming for their own dedicated hardware! Get a standard P4P RC and an iPad for your P4P and enjoy the experience! :sunglasses: