2016 Phantom 4 card slot

Having problems with the camera micro SD card slot not accepting the card. My P4 has been used for 12 hrs and I do know that its installed upside down. Have read its a known defect and DJI will replace for free, glad for any comments. I sent it to DroneNerds in Miami and they said they could not get the part to fix it ??

What exactly is the problem…
Fitting it in?

I’ve seen a handful of people run into an issue where the memory card would not click into place after inserting it. If that’s the issue you’re running into, you’re going to need to send it to a repair shop that has the needed parts.

If you contact DJI support for help, they might fix this issue for free if your Phantom is still covered under warranty. And by fix, I mean they’ll send you a refurbished Phantom in return. They don’t usually send back the same Phantom when making repairs.

Card will not stay in slot