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100%Charge==>>0%Charge Instantaneously @Altitude

official dji online support instructs upgrade asst2v1.2.4 this October2020 to v1.2.5 so I obliged.

the purpose of getting online support was to restore asst2 capability to present older firmware versions as experienced with v1.2.4 that soured at some point in time after original install back in 2018 year which permitted downgrading firmware provided preexisting not greater than 01.00.0300 or was it 400 I forget.

well it turns out v1.2.4 got hot patched in win10 pc since the originating work around usb driver(s) provided by dji were banned by microsoft’s compliance eligibility rights ($$$). and thus v1.2.4 behaves exactly as v1.2.5.

so the online support agent actually was not aware v1.2.5 will not display older firmware even though preexisting firmware is at 01.00.0300.

and this presents a 2020 year roadblock to downgrade 300 to 200.

then it was realized a dead end. rma is the only avenue to achieve 200, and this occurred

i forgot to mention the perk of desired firmware 01.00.0200 desired is because in returning the drone will fight very hard against offshore sea gusts in lieu of being blown out to sea as the 620 firmware experienced gets blown away seriously. there are two independent mavic air sets, set#1@200 and set#2@300, so yes, two independent sets of batteries flashed to both 200, & 300. Turns out the most mature and recommended 620 experienced the titled charge disappearing act and safely landed, i don’t know how propulsion works @ 0% charge @ altitude 280 feet, at the cliff roofing rain gutter hence rma’d again, grapevine returns another paired device set @300 that experienced charge disappearance instantaneously, online support directs recharging all batteries then writing the successful logs flight records of djigo4v4.3.8 to their examination forensics cloud. another rma is now enacted. meanwhile all the batteries recharged successfully and total apk folder uploaded for forensics reviews to reveal all batteries are recharging using genuine charger & functioning at 100% charge completion.

then i go & attempt single test “dog walking drone flight” before rma’ing the troubling paired devices & all batteries to grapevine.

the battery will not turn on.

strange, I had just uploaded all successful battery charges as recorded in djigo4v4.3.8

online support says to immediately send in all batteries plus the paired devices

how come the batteries will not turn on now? was it asst2v1.2.5 that insinuated no turning on of battery?