Who else is getting one?

I just bit the bullet on the Zoom model. As someone who is newer to the hobby, I don’t know if I would appreciate all of what the Hassleblad camera has to offer. I went with the flymore package.

Anyone else? Pro or Zoom? How come?

I ordered the Mavic 2 Pro (no flymore package). The Pro camera will likely be more handy than the Zoom camera (for me).

During the live event, DJI said they are going to add a service plan that allows just the camera to be replaced. I’m wondering if that means the Zoom camera could be later purchased and attached to the Mavic 2 Pro. It seems everything about the Mavic 2 is the same except the camera.

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I’m waiting for it to prove itself first I think … once this is done I shall purchase. I’m happy enough with my P3S and MP for the minute.

I,m waiting also. After all 25+ updates!!!

My Mavic shipped from the DJI Store today. This is definitely a record for new DJI drone releases.

BTW, I have a free priority shipping code that I cannot use (since I already ordered). If anyone would like to use it, enter code ZNC64A5M when ordering in the DJI Store here. It’s a one-time use code, so use it soon before someone else gets to it first.

Pro here.

Switch from a Zoom to a Pro last minute. Mine (luckily, in this case) hasn’t shipped yet tho.

Just ordered the Pro.

Ordered the Pro + Flymore pkg… Says it will be here on Wednesday.

It will be interesting to see if the .DAT is accessible like the Mavic Pro. Or, will it not be accessible like the Mavic Air.

I’ve ordered the Pro and ND filters 1 inch sensor is a breaker for me

More people adding to the list of consumer test group. Hopefully this one will be HASSLE free. Always a risk on first production run of just about anything.

The package arrived a day early. FedEx at around 10:00 am yesterday.

Mine arrived yesterday too (a day earlier than scheduled). That often happens when I get packages from DJI in China.

Mine arrived yesterday (2 days early). Flew it a couple of times just to verify that it works. I was able to confirm that the .DAT files on the Mavic 2 are encrypted just like the Mavic Air.