What's your favorite Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom feature?

Now that you’ve had some time to use your shiny new Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom, what do you like best about it? Are you noticing any notable improvements over the Mavic Pro?

Here are some things I like about my Mavic 2 Pro (in no particular order):

  • The quality of materials used to build the Mavic, remote controller, and accessories has been noticeably improved when comparing the Mavic 2 to the Mavic Pro side by side.

  • The gimbal is much less fragile looking than the Mavic Pro’s gimbal. It also feels much more sturdy when moving it with your hand.

  • The feet at the rear of the Mavic and the bottom of the rear arms have been integrated into the body/arms. Those pieces commonly fall off of the Mavic Pro.

  • It’s now easier to quickly get footage with slower/smoother movements since Tripod mode can be enabled via the upgraded switch on the right side of the remote controller.

  • While a bit tricky to attach, it’s nice to have a one piece gimbal cover that both locks the camera in place and protects it.

  • The aircraft is heavier, so it should allow for better stability in windy conditions.

  • The upgraded flight modes come packed with some nice upgrades. For example, waypoints can be set without flying to each point beforehand, ActiveTrack is able to track better, and POI allows the target to be selected by tapping the mobile device screen.

  • The adjustable shutter aperture allows for better performance in low light conditions and less of a need to make manual adjustments with ND filters.

Here are a few that could have been better:

  • When I received my Mavic, the installed firmware was causing the gimbal to bang into the aircraft body as the gimbal rotated on startup. That seemed to create a few marks on the back of the gimbal. While that problem went away after I upgraded the firmware, it would have been nice if DJI would have fixed it before allowing production units from being powered on for the first time.

  • The gimbal cover doesn’t snap into the bottom of the aircraft very firmly. While I don’t think the gimbal cover will fall off, I can easily pull it off without depressing the clip on the bottom of the cover.

  • The rear arms rub against the sides of the aircraft a bit when the arms are folded/unfolded.