Today big happening is happen. dropped to ground from 164 ft high in the air! Only fly 17 ft.

I have a question.
I had P4 pro. I used have Mavic pro. I used many time. But I need to upgrade therefore I’ve got P4 Pro now.
Anyway Today big happening is happen. I wanna make some video footage in gabriola island near nanaimo,bc. Canada.
There is not a no drone flying zone. That location name is Orlebar point in gabriola island. Also I did last year with Mavic pro.
I prepear flying, checked battery level, propelar, gps signal - gps signal is so strong 17 point- etc… Everyting is ok. Therefore I wanna do waypoint fly to Enterance Island Lighthouse about 2 Km. Start fly to rich 164 ft high in the air after 1 minute 3 second.
That time suddenly Big Happening is happen. All of suddenly every single signal lost and aircrft totaly stop working and dropped to ground from 164 ft high in the air! Only fly 17 ft. I don’t make any mistake, any ploblem then totally didn’t working in that high! What’s wrong? I paid US $ 2,574.50. I have ony less then 15 times fly.Finally I P4 pro had big damage with Gimbal, Camera, aircraft.
I had DJI Care Fresh option but big stress and disappointment.
Anyone has this kind of happening? Tell me plz what is best solution?


One of the following most likely occured:

  • The battery was not snapped into the battery compartment properly and disconnected mid-flight (causing the Phantom to power down)
  • The battery is faulty and shut off mid-flight (not common)
  • One or more props flew off mid-flight
  • One or more motors is faulty and shut off mid-flight (not common)

If your Phantom still powers on, then take a look at the DAT flight log to see if it explains what happened. You can retrieve the DAT flight from your Phantom like this and view the data within using DatCon.

If your Phantom does not power on (or you no longer have your Phantom), then the best you can do is retrieve the TXT flight log from your mobile device. You can upload and view that flight log online here. This log file doesn’t contain as much information, but it would reveal an issue like a lost prop.

If you’d like others to review and comment on your flight log, please link it here. If you’re able to retrieve the DAT flight log and it’s too large to attach here, then upload it to a file sharing site (like Dropbox) and post the download link here.

Did you already send your Phantom into DJI to be replaced? If so, what did they say happened?