Selling my Mavic 2 Pro + Fly More + DJI Care Refresh

Hey guys,

I recently bought a Mavic 2 Pro and have hardly used it. Maybe flew it around 5 times, never crashed or anything. I’m also moving in February to a place that is basically a giant no-fly zone so I’m looking to sell the drone.

It comes with the Mavic 2 Pro and everything in the DJI Fly More kit besides 1 of the batteries (so 2 batteries total) as well as DJI care refresh. I will also include a travel hard-case for it.

Im looking for $1650 shipped for everything but am somewhat open to offers as well.

Please let me know if you are interested. I can post pics, vids, etc if anyone is.

*If this kind of thread is not allowed or in the wrong area just let me know


How much?

Looking to get $1650 shipped

@teamguthix is selling a Mavic 2 Pro (not a Mavic Pro).

My bad. Could have sworn it said Mavic Pro originally!
I’ll delete my off topic reply!

Where are you sending from and can you send photos

Here are some pics and Im in CT