Prevent a Crash or Flyaway with Your DJI Drone (the Complete Guide)

I compiled all of my best DJI drone tips into this guide to help you prevent a crash or flyaway with your DJI drone. If you follow the advice in this guide, you will learn many tips for flying safely and will greatly reduce the chance of a flyaway or crash.

Prevent a Crash or Flyaway with Your DJI Drone (The Complete Guide)

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Thank you very much,
Two years of my own notes only includes 1/4th of this info…You compiled all I am looking for with distinction.

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I’m happy to hear it was helpful :slight_smile:

Can you please explain what the lock and erase buttons due with the directional indicator? I cant find any info on this? Thanks!

The lock button prevents the map from rotating when your mobile device is rotated. The erase button removes the flight path that’s drawn on the map as you fly your drone.

Thank you! And thanks for the Crash Flyaway guide. Very good reference for me!

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I made some changes to allow this guide to be cleanly printed or saved as a PDF. When printing it from your web browser, change the destination to PDF to save it as a PDF instead of printing it. For example, this is where that option is set in Chrome: