Pilot Certificate for Recreational Flyers

1st I want to appologize if this topic has been done. I have searched and searched and I am confused cause I don’t know how old something has been posted and what is new.
I just received a Mavic Air for my Bday last week. So I have been reading alot about rules and such.
I have registered the drone and received my FAA # But I don’t know if i need to get a pilot certification to fly for fun. On one website I read that I do not need to get a pilot certification. And then on the FAA’s websited i read this.
(## Changes Coming in the Future

The FAA is upgrading the online system, known as LAANC (the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability), so that recreational operations can get automated airspace authorizations to fly in controlled airspace.

The new law also requires:

  1. Drone operators to pass an online aeronautical knowledge and safety test and carry proof of test passage.)

What does this mean? Is this the same as pilot certification or just a test to take to fly in a controlled airspace. I am not sure if I am reading to much into this or what but I just want to be legal.
I would sure appreciate your input on this.

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If you’re just flying for fun (as a hobbyist), you do not need any special certifications to fly. All you need to do is register under the “Exception for Recreational Flyers” here and attach your FAA registration number to your aircraft. Your FAA number can be attached with a decal (like these decals) or anything else that’s legible and at least semi-permanent (so it doesn’t fall off mid-flight).

It means the FAA is soon going to release a new test that all hobbyists must complete before flying. At this time, the test doesn’t exist, so you’re legal as long as you follow these rules.

Here’s some more information about this upcoming test from the Exception for Limited Recreational Operations of Unmanned Aircraft advisory:

The Operator has Passed an Aeronautical Knowledge and Safety Test and Maintains Proof of Test Passage to be Made Available to the Administrator or a Designee of the Administrator or Law Enforcement Upon Request. The FAA is developing the test in consultation with stakeholders. Recreational flyers would have to pass the test, which could be administered electronically, and would be responsible for providing proof of passage upon request from FAA personnel or law enforcement. The FAA will provide additional guidance and notice when the test is available and the date on which adherence to this condition would be required.

You need to look here: FAA REGS

Thanks for your replys. The Web sites you have linked are ones I have already read. I think I finally understand that this test is not a certification test, but just a test to prove your are knowledgable about the rules for recreational flying. I wonder if this test will be valid for a period of time, or if we have to take the test every time we take our drones out to fly.

You definitely won’t need to take the test each time you fly. As quoted above though, you’ll need to carry proof showing you passed the test.

I haven’t seen anything about a requirement to retake the test after a certain period of time. That could be a possibility though since the FAA requires pilots who have a Remote Pilot License to retest every 2 years.