Mavic 2 released (available for order now)

The Mavic 2 has been released! See more details here.


The Mavic 2 is available for order right now in the DJI Store here. Per DJI’s live event, your Mavic will ship right away if you order from the DJI Store.

No fly more combo? They are only pairing it with the racing goggles… I would imagine the normal DJI goggles would still work with the Mavic 2’s tho?

They removed the combo from the price and made those extra accessories available at the same price (even if you want to purchase them later). I think this was a great move since many people probably didn’t actually use everything that came packed in the previously released combos.

Here’s the separate Fly More Kit that’s available for an extra $319:

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Great thanks!!

Here’s some more information from the DJI site: