Mavic 2 Flight Modes

First Flight


Hyperlapse Mode


Dolly Zoom (only available on the Mavic 2 Zoom)


Point of Interest (POI)

Hrmm no gesture controls it seems?

That seems to be the case. There’s no mention of gesture mode in the Mavic 2 manual.

That is unfortunate. In my experience it never worked too well anyways, but it was a nice mode to have. I guess there is the potential for future firmware updates tho

It certainly has the sensors needed to perform such automated flight maneuvers. If the demand is there, I’m sure DJI will listen and add them.

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I reviewed the DJI video tutorial on the “Dolly Zoom” function. It will zoom in on your Subject, while flying backward 4X your distance to Subject. That might be problematic, space wise, if it will only fly straight back. I was hoping for back and up…:frowning:

Below is a good overview of the flight modes that are currently available. More will be on the way (e.g. Waypoints) in future firmware updates.