Loss of signal with station

Good morning. I attached the log of my last flight with the mavic 2 zoom. It was last Saturday. I made several flights, 3 batteries. On the first flight and once detached I got the message that I could not take off, and was already in the air. Then an error 110, that put me in contact with DJI. I had calibrated the compass before.
After raising it a few meters, the image of the video remained frozen, in color. And I had to download it with the station. The dji go 4 application was blocked.
After restarting the application it worked normally. There was a moment where a message about AIR MAP appeared ???
I have attached a couple of logs, in case you can have a look and if you see something abnormal.
The last flight, where I climbed the drone to 120 meters when I wanted to start to descend, start the disconnection warnings. It could be because it is almost in my vertical. That is to say, that the horizontal distance with respect to my position was too short?
It had the antennas of the station, placed neither flat (horizontal) nor vertical in relation to the drone, they were diagonally.
How do I upload the log?

If they are TXT flight logs, you can upload them here and post the links back here.


I’m not sure how you had the remote controller antennas positioned. The antennas should be parallel and the flat sides should always be pointed toward the aircraft like this:

While the signal is weakest when the aircraft is flying overhead, you should be able to maintain the signal if the antennas are pointed properly.

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I understand, I’ve already seen a video this afternoon about how to place the station. But until now it had never happened to me. It was strange for me, because the antennas were badly placed, the video broadcast could be cut. Freeze the image and have to land with the station.
This Saturday I have spent a lot of things, not very good. More worrisome. Without knowing why they happened.
All related to disconnections. But is that being so close, although the antennas were not perfectly directed, should not cut the image. And be left without vision. Have to pilot it with the station. Blindly. And the delay, the application marked 60 meters and the station 40.
In short you have to keep doing tests. Fear gives me to take him 100 meters away and the same thing happens to him. Always try to press on the RTH key.
On the mobile screen, in the application, the signals of both GPS, station and video were good.

Since the last update … I have experienced very weak signal or signal losses, at short distances … in places where I can perform tests and where it had never happened before … Worried.

Updating the firmware rarely causes signal issues. If you’d like, you can revert back to the previous firmware version. That would at least confirm whether or not the new firmware is causing the issue.

Since the last update of Dji Go 4 (… 0510), signal losses, even at close range … are a clamor in the network …
Especially Mavic users (I pilot an M2P). Both on Facebook, YouTube, etc … has been commenting since the date of departure of the update, by those of us who have made “guinea pig” (try without knowing what there is) …
Do you have a solution? Yes
In Spain, Europe and some other countries (it is completely legal) …
It has been offered by HATTU:

Minute 9:15 (you can use the translator)
Everything is based on changing the transmission frequency to 5.8 Ghz …
And yes … in this also DJI has covered Gloria … Anyway.