Landing Legs

Please can someone educate me as to what is the correct name for the cables in the landing legs of I suppose all Phantoms.

The cables/wires in the legs are antennas or are attached to a compass module.


Hi Mike.Thanks.Are you on Phantom Pilots too?

Yes. My username is “msinger” there too.

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Great! Now I can get you on both places.Where are you on most? You have helped me a lot.Thanks.You are a mine of infomation.You must have been in drones in Harrysmith a long time?

I’m here, at Phantom Pilots, and in the DJI forum daily. If you want to be sure I see your post, then post here. There are too many posts in the other forums to read/follow all of them.

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Great! I’ve got the App. on my phone.Thanks.

Hi Mike.Happy New Year.Still got some questions on batteries when you get a chance.

Please start a new thread since it’s a different topic. It’ll help keep things organized :slight_smile:

O.K.Will do.