Lagging live feed on DJI Fly app

I’ve recently bought a DJI Mini 2 and i love it. Problem I’m having tho is that my daily driver phone does not fit in the controller. (Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2). Now i also have a Huawei P20 Lite which i want to use mainly for the drone so i hard reset it and installed the DJI Fly app. Problem I’m having now is that the video feed is lagging behind for about 1-2 seconds. This litteraly makes it a pain to fly.
I’ve tried changing settings in the app and on the phone itself with disabling various applications but it was still lagging.
I’ve also tried using iPhone 7, 11 and 12 from family and my own Fold 2 without mounting it to the controller which is annoying and all worked great.
Is there anything i might also be able to do to make it work?

I’m able to get the iPhone 7 talked about previously but i’d have to get the battery replaced since it only lasts about 5 minutes while flying. So i’d rather get the Huawei to work properly.