How do I get help with interpreting a flight record?

Greetings…Is there anyone available to decipher the flight record from a recent crash with my P4Pv2 and perhaps glean a bit of what may have cause it? On returning from the flight at 145 feet high and only 75 feet away from landing all power seemed to have ceased and the quad fell straight down onto the parking lot. Great damage of course but I do have a backup so not at all stressed. Just curious as to what may have happened!

It looks like a possible battery dislodge due to the extreme pitch and roll angles just before shutdown.
Will need the device .DAT log to verify.

Greetings and thank you Fly Dawg. I think you are right but to be more sure how could I provide for you the device.DAT log. or find a way for you to access them. Again even if that is not possible thank you for the informed findings you’ve provided.

See the link below. It also depends on your device that you were using. Instructions for both are there.