GPS location,

IF you were so unlucky as to lose your drone, can you get its “Crashed” GPS reading from flight app? Please excuse maybe a silly question from someone who hasnt flown yet!

I am not an expert on this and there are much more knowledgeable members than me who can give you a very detailed answer, But the short answer is YES, to a point. As long as you had good Controller contact with the Drone, you will know its general location. You would need to analyzes the logs to get the specifics, but if you had good maps loaded at the time of the lose, it is accurate to within the area of your parked automobile… I tested my Grandson and I landed the Drone out of sight and using the maps, my Grandson was able to determine the Drone was behind the Trash Cans over 300 feet away… If for some reason, that the controller loses contact with the Drone, only the last reported position is recorded, and if the drone was hovering and it was in Atti mode (no GPS), the drone might have been blown a ways with the wind. But understand this, if you launch your Drone with good GPS signal and you leave it to hover, it will still be there until the “Cows come home” or the battery runs out…

Thanks very much LoudThunder, most appreciative of your help. :smiley: