Full loss of control.

I was flying very close to my house at 90’ and boom. Falls out of the sky and hits my neighbors roof at 35mph… Drone has severe damage. I wanted to cry.

How do I get you the flight log. Your site is saying new users can not upload files.



Use this link. http://www.phantomhelp.com/LogViewer/Upload/

If you want others to view, place a link back here to the uploaded file.

Sorry I am new to the board.


Sorry figured it out.

Quick look, bad cells in your battery. At 3.2v the battery will shut down. That appears to be the case.
I can graph this if you like, but if you look at the data, you will see that for yourself.

How was I supposed to know there was a bad cell in my battery? I am so lucky this did not hit someone or fly through someone’s window.

This is when I lost control and the battery was well above 3.20v

54.3s P-GPS 17satellites 92.8ft 5.3mph 159.9ft 74% 14.496V 3.62V 3.582V 3.636V 3.658V 0.076V Speed Error

You lost control because of the speed and compass errors and the aircraft switched to ATTI. You still have control at that point but no GPS positioning. The aircraft will only hold it’s altitude, and will drift with the wind if you are not experienced flying in ATTI. This appears to be near simultaneous with the battery cell drops. The reason it fell, and there is no additional data is because the battery shut down when the cell reached 3.2v.

Synopsis, when you gave full throttle right at the end, your battery cell dropped below the cutoff value.

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Thanks for your help.