Flight Log Help

Hi, I’m looking to see if i can can some input on an error message I saw today. It said Motor Obstructed Aircraft will decelerate to ensure safety. It went away pretty quick and then everything seemed fine. Had 2 longer flights after that with no issue. I don’t know if the logs give you any more info but I uploaded the flight log and this is the link. I’ve never done this before so please let me know if its correct or if I need to do something else.

Also - don’t know if it means anything but I did have a minor crash early last summer engine screech, did csc pretty quickly, no smoke or burning smell and I’ve had numerous flights since then with no issues at all

This could be something as simple as hitting a large insect in flight, with , shall I say “debris” stuck to the props momentarily. If this were to occur more often then it would be a concern. It is most likely a result of sudden motor load due to the drag from an insect, if that is indeed the case. Have seen it happen before.

Hoping that’s all it was. Just thought after a few years if that was the cause I would have seen this before. Thanks.