drone is crashed/losted aircraft disconected

info on phone is aircraft disconected and drone is losted or crashed please help to find


The remote controller signal disconnected at 1m 23s and 4m 19.4s when you flew your Phantom around the back side of this hill:


Due to the angle where you were standing, that hill came between the remote controller and Phantom (hence the lost connection). On the second disconnect, the Phantom was flying 41 feet lower. Even at that lower altitude, it should have been able to fly over top of that hill when RTH was initiated (according to the data in Google Earth).

If the altitude data in Google Earth is not correct, it’s possible that your Phantom crashed into the hill or into something on top of the hill (a tree, building, flag pole, etc.). Your Phantom would have followed a path close to this red line on its way back to the home point:


Start searching near the back side of the hill around 55.936975, -4.564619 and work your way toward the home point.

ok i used another dji phantom to find losted drone

and localization drone is 55.936810, -4.564822

Were you able to get up there to retrieve it?

today i can go to pick up becouse that one is castle after 5.30PM is closed open 9.30AM i drive and take back my baby :smiley: