DJI RE Goggles

Is there a way to use my goggles with the new waypoints 2.0 in DJI GO4 app with my M2P? I don’t see the Waypoints icon in the goggles when everything is connected. Thanks for any info on this.

You’ll need to access the Waypoints icon in DJI GO on your mobile device. The missions are stored on the mobile device, so the goggles will likely never be able to access them.

Thanks Mike
Does that mean if I access & initiate a Waypoints flight from my iPad DJI GO4 app and then activate my Goggles that the Goggles screen will “mimic” the iPad screen?

It depends on how you’re using your googles. If they are connected to your mobile device via an HDMI cable, then they are going to mirror the screen on your mobile device. If they are connected directly to your Mavic wirelessly, then you’re going to see the live view from the Mavic’s camera.