dji phantom 3 advanced crashed into tree twigg help with log

crashed into a tree twigg and fell on grass.

i found out 1 motor props was damaged but the inner circle bit was stuck on motor so i replaced it.
had to re-calibrate icu again went ok after server tries even opened it tapped it then tested it again then passed.

now when i turn the drone on after few seconds the drone shuts down,i have the log files attached please tell me what is the problem.

i only selected recent .dat file and converted that into csv along with the file that was working previously before the crash so you can examin it better.

please allow me to upload the zip log files,says new users cannot post

here is alternative file
bad file

good file

This is not going to help you. You need to find the correct .dat for the info you are looking for. Troubleshooting an exact area from a .dat is extremely difficult. And even if you do notice an issue you can’t determine where the issue is from. You should find another share site as well. It sounds like you have an intermittent connection someplace internally to the aircraft. I can promise you the .dat will not help you with that.

I got some one to hold the drone up with hands while i start it up just incase it drops out of the sky.
that should not be the problem right taking off while holding the fan,still the fan should spin right?

But it shuts down after xxx seconds you can hear the fan speed go extreme,so what can it be inner circut?.