DJI Mini 2 Possible shootdown. PLS HELP!

Was flying yesterday in rural area and around friends cookout and lost connection with drone. it never RTHd or asked anything on the controller. just lost connection and was gone. used find my drone, checked the area hopelessly for hours drone never made a peep. I assume it was shot down due to hearing gunfire in the area within less than seconds after drone lost connection. possible the noise didnt travel as fast as the radio transmission to the drone maybe, but thats just my assumption. just wondering if i can find out for sure what caused the signal loss before i start pointing fingers. have not been able to find the drone or plastic pieces that resemble it anywhere in the area of last location sent back from gps.

flight log here:

well gunshots and missing drone I think you answered your own question.

could it be that the battery got disconnected upon landing? How long did it take for you to get to the location of where it may have landed? could someone have taken it after falling?