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Dji loses connection falls from sky


Right – but, we can only go off of what the data shows (since the OP’s recollection of the events cannot be verified). The data shows the aircraft was flying a mission until the stop motor command was issued. At that point, the aircraft crashed to the ground and remained powered on for 52 seconds.

According to the log, RTH was not initiated. The aircraft flew the mission until the stop motor command was issued.


So, in essence, what this “appears” from the data is that the OP “Thought” there was a return to home, when in actuality, the mission was continuing as programmed to do. Not being familiar with the manner go operates with waypoints, I can only go by the manner that Litchi does. Which is even with signal loss ( Although from the data there was only downlink loss apparently) that the flight continued. Agreed, nothing in the logs notate anything in regard to RTH. A better explanation from the OP @Unseen659 would clear things up a bit. The end result is the same, but since the OP did not clarify the mission parameters, it just looked very odd to me from his explanation of the events. The mission parameters for a final waypoint close to home with a gradual altitude change is the only way this could occur.


You got it. The only unanswered question I have is why the aircraft hovered in place for 2+ minutes at the end of the mission. Seeing the details of the mission would probably explain that one.


To clear up confusion drone was on waypoint mission and i guess could have come back due to waypoint mission rather than RTH, i assumed it was a RTH because i have the settings to RTH when connection is lost. i never personally hit the RTH button then, only once it was hovering above me and not coming down further did i try to hit the button.


Is there a way to upload my waypoint mission details? I do agree tho that it couldve been drone finishing mission and the few mins of hover was me trying to get the drone to come down further but i only could control forward/back not up and down which i also thought was odd


In waypoint mission mode, there is no RTH for signal loss, other than a final action at the end of the mission. The mission will continue regardless of signal loss. As for the second part, that one is still a bit of a mystery, the data shows the throttle down inputs but no response from the aircraft while hovering.


Not that I know of.

I don’t fly missions much, so I took my P4 out to run a few test missions. When set it to hover after the mission completed, my P4 switch back to P mode once the mission was completed and I had full control again. When set to RTH, it returned home after the mission completed. I was not able to reproduce what happened to you.