DJI is working to add LAANC support

DJI posted this news article today where they recommended using Kittyhawk to obtain LAANC authorization when flying in controlled airspace within the US:

DJI Welcomes Easy, Fast Access To Controlled U.S. Airspace For Recreational Drone Pilots

At the bottom of the article, they mentioned the following:

“The FAA approved DJI as a LAANC UAS Service Supplier last year, which will in the future allow DJI professional and recreational customers to use DJI solutions to seamlessly apply for LAANC approvals when planning flights. Further details on LAANC services currently under development by DJI will be announced in due course.”

I’m sure other people figured this was coming since DJI is an approved LAANC UAS service supplier. However, this is the first I’ve seen DJI mention they are working on this integration.

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