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DJI Flight Log Viewer


My DJI flight log viewer can be used to view the DJI GO flight logs stored on your mobile device. After retrieving the TXT flight log from your mobile device and uploading it here, the data will be displayed in a format like this:


Here are some things you’ll be able to do after uploading your flight log:

  • View the flight path of your drone on a Google map
  • View important flight details in the table below the map
  • Drag the slider at the top of the table to replay your flight
  • See the location of the remote controller sticks at the bottom, right corner of the map
  • Download a KML file to view your flight path in Google Earth
  • Download CSV files that contain more columns of flight data

I’ll use this thread to keep track of changes made to my log viewer. If you have any suggestions to improve it or run into any trouble using it, please post below.


You already improved it tremendously by adding the verbose downloads…That was a major improvement.


I hope you enjoy the other improvements I made to it today :slight_smile:


Pretty cool on my iPad!


Not sure that “enjoy” is the correct word here…but get your point.
I have 3 reasons for looking at these files, both from you and other sources.

  1. I do this as a hobby, along with flying itself. After 25 years of data analysis I am still learning new things with current technology.

  2. I have always been one that will “lend a hand” so to speak for the sake of others who may be having difficulty in most any situation, which is why I look at data in regard to this.

  3. I use this data myself for my own aircraft, for maintenance or other issues which I might see in the data files from my own aircraft.

This is why I say “enjoy” may not have been the premium choice of words. Again though, I get the point.


Looks Great! I haven’t compared it side by side, but does it have more data than the files sent to Airdata?


Well, maybe you should start a hobby you enjoy :wink:


Airdata reads the same TXT flight log files. They are just presenting the data in a different way.


I made a few changes today:

  • Added the GPS satellite count & GPS level to the top of the log viewer
  • Added an attitude indicator to the right side of the log viewer (you can read it like this)


Today, I added a green “H” marker to the map to show where the home point is located. That marker will reposition itself if the home point is moved mid-flight.


I made a change today to show the “VPS Altitude” column for Mavic 2 flight logs.