DJI Flight Log Viewer issue

Howdy folks. Got a bit of an issue with the online Flight Log Viewer (fantastic software by the way!).

Seems it is having an issue reading files from our M210. We did some flights a week or two ago and managed to process them perfectly, along with the Phantom flights we did. Yesterday I tried to process a couple of flights we did in the morning and they would just come up blank, with the map section saying unable to display and the flight data section being blank as well (coloured hatching).

Initially we thought maybe the flight logs were corrupt but on trying the previous M210 flight logs that we have already processed successfully, they also gave the same error, which made me think it may be a problem with the Viewer itself. I tried to reprocess the previous Phantom flight logs that I know worked, and they had no problems processing.

I am at a bit of a loss to figure out what is going on and would really appreciate some feedback on the matter.

Cheers, Sam