Can't find flight log on iPhone

I can see the flight of the drone on the iphone using the DJI app but when connected to my laptop. Mac book air I don’t see the DJI flight logs in iTunes. The drone suddenly went out of control rolling over after I received a “Warning: motor OBSTRUCTED” with another 'Warning: Compass Error. Exit P-GPS Mode" any thoughts , and the drone looks like its pretty much done for. Missing motor, cars busted and part of the mother board appears to be cracked.

You can find instructions for retrieving the TXT flight log from your mobile device here. If you upload your flight log at that site and post the link back here, other members will be able to review and comment on your flight.

Sounds like you hit something or something hit you ( Bird Strike )…this can be clarified from the logs as msinger mentioned. The device log may not be definitive, but its better than nothing if you want to know what happened. It is probably a lost cause to retrieve the aircraft .dat file. That would confirm most likely.

Thanks, it finally came up, attached is the flight log, I guess I can start saving for a Mavic pro or Air as the Phantom 3 Advance suffered extreme damage to it. Site says I can’t upload as a new user, I will try again when the site will let me. Thanks again singer.

Upload the TXT file here and post the link to your uploaded flight log here.

Thanks msinger, here is the link:

This is a typical sign of a lost/damaged prop, and/or a bird strike. This occurred just before the first SPEED ERROR message you recieved. After that it was out of control. This cannot be verified however without the aircraft .dat file, which with the damage it sustained in the crash, I would guess is out of the question.

This second chart, leans more to the prop/bird strike theory. Still not confirmed, but it is a bit more evidence.

Thanks Fly_Dawg, I am thinking it was a bird strike. there is a lot of birds by that lake and the one time when I could not see the drone was when a tree close to me blocked my view. Could not find the 4th prop or motor. I appreciate you plugging the flight information in to see what possibly happen. A good lesson to learn when flying by a large body of fresh water, there’s always going to be a higher possibility of a bird strike.