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Can I search based on Warning text?

Hi all,

Is it possible to do a search and identify all the flights with specific text in the Warnings field? For example, I often get the message “Braking now. Return sticks to midpoint, then continue flying”. I’d like to be able to enter “braking” as a search criteria and have it identify all flights with this message. In my case I do a lot of flying over water, and I’d like to analyze my flights to see if that’s the only time I get that error message. If it’s not supported, is there way to export that info in bulk to excel so I could write some macros to do the analysis?


There is no way to search for specific warning messages. You’d have to manually search through the generated aircraft logs for each log that’s showing a warning count in the main Flight Reader window.

In most cases, this is caused by flying toward the sun. The aircraft thinks it detects an obstacle and auto breaks to attempt to avoid it.