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another p4a plus fell upside down from the heavens


@thepushercg The only thing that I will say is that there are many who will not even attempt to assist in a flight such as yours. The inputs from the other’s on the Phantom Pilots forum are well justified and I think you realize that. Should you obtain another aircraft, avoid the blatant mistakes, fly safe, and observe the regulations, no matter where you fly, so others may continue to do so as well and enjoy the hobby. No offense taken here, but I will say that I was hesitant.


your right, the drone is ok, it hit some trees and banged up on, end of the motor,bent it. i will have to replace the shell, it broke the camera, but i had that fixed it starts up without the props on now and seems fine. i thought it would be in a million pieces but somehow it lived. really strange, i had a p3p i did not insert the battery fully, flew out about 15 feet off the ground to around 120 feet away, stopped and the battery flew out it hit the ground and destroyed the phantom… thank you for taking the time and helping me considering how i acted.i have said im sorry over there, i hope it heals the wounds. i thank you and budwalker for being the class guys you are that care to help someone like me that over reacted and you looked over that, you two are class gentlemen. i thank you both again.


@thepushercg You don’t owe anybody an apology. Just for the record, I don’t approve of your flight and wouldn’t do it myself. But, I wouldn’t presume to pass judgement as it wouldn’t have any beneficial effect. The only effect is to discourage some pilots from publicly discussing their flight incidents.


thank you and i fully understand. i hope to never crash again but we know if you fly enough it will happen. of course ill be more reasonable in my flying.